I believe in humanity.

The other day, I was taking a bus to visit a friend of mine. I sat all the way in the back as I usually do. A homeless man came into the bus and sat right beside me. After a couple stops, a man wearing a white cap stood up, approached the back, and handed the man $2 dollars of his own money. This man himself did not seem well off at all and actually seemed like he could really use that money. At first, the homeless man tried to deny it, but the other man insisted and said, “Take it. I know, I know. Just in case you need it for anything. You can go buy coffee or something if you wanted to.” Reluctantly, the homeless man accepted the money and thanked the other man numerous times. The man with the cap took back his seat, and I simply sat there awed by such a kind gesture. A couple stops later, the homeless man left the bus. I wanted to do the same thing as the man had done. I wanted to be like him…to have that kind of genuine heart. I wanted to repay him for his kindness. I wanted to do something. Then, I decided to do something I was extremely doubtful that I would actually do. I planned to take the remainder of the money I had in my wallet and just give it to the man. I reached into my bag and remembered I had packed white envelopes in my bag that morning. I knew there would be a reason behind packing those envelopes. I took them out, inserted the only $10 I had left in my wallet, and wrote “For your kind soul, please accept this.” I licked the envelope shut and planned to get off at the next stop. In the process, I would slip the white envelope near the crevice of the mans’ bag. This would be extremely difficult and not to mention suspicious and awkward to those who would see. However, to my surprise, the man got up and sat in the back… just a few seats beside me. I smiled in pure amazement. It seemed like everything was meant to happen at that point. I pulled the rope for the next stop and left the envelope right where I sat. I got off the bus in a hurry but stayed at the stop to see the man looking at the window. I stared at him and caught his glance where I reflected a smile. Now, I don’t exactly know if the man ever did get that money, but he noticed me with it before he sat down so hopefully he did take it. Even if he didn’t, then I hope I may have put a smile on the lucky person that did.

People like this man inspire myself to become a better person. Just seeing his kind gesture, inspired me to do the same. Its similar to a domino effect that will be endless if everyone just made the effort. Even the smallest gestures really do make a big impact. What you do really does matter. Now, I tend to always look back on that day and ask myself, “What can I do to make someone smile today?” That whole experience was extremely delightful, and I hope others can do the same. If the small efforts of a single person can go a long way, then how far will large, combined efforts from a group of people go? I think the possibilities would be limitless. I don’t exactly know about everyone else, but I believe in humanity and its never too late to make that change to put others before yourself!

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